Your First Stand Up Paddle Board

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Are you new to surfing? When you hear surfers saying “Waves are small but a good shape today, I’ll take the fish,” you are wondering if he needs chips with it… Or you are standing in front of the surf shop, trying to buy your first surfboard, but the best benchmark you can figure out is what color the board is or if it has got nice stickers…? Then this short article is definitely for you!
To begin with you have to know how we measure boards. Usually dimensions are given in feet (one foot is 30.48 cm) in this order: length x width x depth.
Length is very important because (just making it simpler) the longer board, the easier to catch a wave.
Width of the board determinates stability of riding on a wave. Narrow boards respond faster on every move of your feet, so it is possible to do more advanced tricks on them, however they are very unstable!
Width of the board affects flotation, generally the thicker board, the more volume it has and the better it floats in the water. This can make it easier for beginners, and is important for surfers who weigh more than the average person.
Types of surfboards for beginners
As you can guess these boards are built from foam. They are also known as a Softboards and usually producers minimise all sharp edges so you will not hurt anyone, including yourself! Often they are longer than 8 feet but you can even find tham as long as 12 feet. They are wide (more than 20 inches) and thick which makes them perfect for beginners and you will probably find them in most learn to surf schools .
No prices for guessing where that name came from! This type of boards range from 8 to 12 feet, they are thick and wide, but differing from foamboards, as they are usually built from fiberglass. Good for beginners to learn how to paddle, choose a wave and stand up on a wave .
Stand-up paddle boards
In short form just SUP are good choice for startup because you are already standing when catching a wave! Moreover, you can catch waves that are too small for traditional surfing or even go for very big ones (bigger than 20 feet ). SUP surfing boards range between 10 to 12 foot, are wide and have lot of buoyancy .
Choosing your own board
In general for your first board you need something thick enough to keep you floating on the surface, long enough to catch a wave and wide enough to stand up on it! Usually, the rule “the bigger the better” is fine, however size of your board depends on your weight, height& physical abilities. You have to remember about particular surfing conditions at your chosen surfing spot and do not forget to ask experienced surfers or a surfing coach to check it for you. Good luck!

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There are many courses online about how to use Google Adwords to attract targeted traffic to your website. The effectiveness of these courses is difficult to judge with a lot of the marketing hype often over the top and ‘wordsmithed’ to imply results which may not be typical. There are many review sites available that propose to offer unbiased reviews on the available products, but these can often be staged sites, created by affiliate marketers looking to profit from the sales of online advertising courses, very often with little regard for the actual quality of the advertised products. All these factors can make it seem impossible to sort through the quality from the rubbish products, and the amount of sites and products to sort through is unfortunately growing larger every day. We advise caution when perusing any of these products for purchase. Err on the side of caution and if it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

One alternative to paid advertising is Search Engine Optimisation which is the process of setting up your website in such a way that it features in Google’s organic search results when people search for terms related to the services or products that your business offers. With the ever growing number of daily searches performed in Google everyday, this can be a very lucrative lead generation opportunity. But only if it is done correctly. Be very careful when selecting your White Hat ranking strategies. This ensures that any gain in rankings you achieve will last in the long term, and not just be a temporary boost due to spam related and other black hat ranking strategies. Once the damage has been done, it is very difficult to undo and it is often easier to start over with a new webpage and domain than to try and rescue a website that has been poorly SEO’d.

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